Join me in my second conversation about GMOs with Jon Entine from The Genetic Literacy Project. We go into more detail from episode number 8 as Jon shares his point of view on the ramifications of the use of genetically modified seed in agriculture. Michael Pollan and Gary Hirshberg are mentioned.

Jon conceded there are valid concerns on the potential environmental impacts when using GMO’s. He expressed some great points from a health perspective. In a future episode of JACK’S FARM RADIO I’ll talk with someone qualified who has a different point of view on the health issues. I also want to talk to a geneticist and ask more about the potential of GMO product to cross pollinate into different species.

I hope you enjoyed this first foray into the use of GMO in agriculture. Stay tuned for more from JACK’S FARM RADIO.

A.T. Buzby- Eric Buzby- 170 Acre Vegetable Farm

Eric Busby is the second generation on his family’s 170 acre vegetable farm. Located in Salem County New Jersey this commercial operation is all about family.

The average farm size in the USA is about 440 acres. So, at 170 acres A.T. Buzby is really quite small. I guess this podcast just goes to show that size really is relative. With the villianization of the mega farms where does A.T. Busby fit? Where does any small farm fit?

The Buzby’s sell much of the produce they grow through wholesale channels and it is interesting to get a glimpse into the real price of just one of the crops they grow.

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