GMO- Science, Fear and Facts with Kevin Folta of The University of Florida

Kevin Folta from The University of Florida joins me on JFR this episode. Kevin is an expert on GMO in food production.

Here’s how he describes himself:

I’m a plant biologist. My job is to contribute to the understanding of gene function, then use this knowledge to inform crop improvement. In the long run I hope to guide the development of better plants that produce more nutritious food and with less environmental impact. Undergraduate and public education are a huge part of my program. If we are going to feed the world and save the planet it is going to require bold new technologies and we will need their support. Many fear technology when applied to food, and the skepticism is healthy. However, a dose of unfounded fear is hampering productive progress in adoption of these safe technologies. I hope to use science and evidence to win the hearts and minds of those that are uncertain of the scientific interface with food.

One thought on “GMO- Science, Fear and Facts with Kevin Folta of The University of Florida”

  1. I really enjoyed this episode, Dan. Although I am staunchly anti-GMO, I really appreciated both what Kevin had to say and the questions you asked of him.

    You really do a great job with interviews, Dan; thanks a bunch! Hope you can find that pro-GMO person to talk to as well to provide educated counterpoint.

    Keep up the great work!

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